I don't know about you, but I always find it a bit tricky to get back into the groove after taking vacation.  That's why this morning's show was Impossible Questions!

We play the Impossible Question game the day we come back from vacation so we don't have to think! (we leave that up to you)  This morning's question was:

The average number of these owned and run by a country is a little over 400?  (see below for answer)

New Hampshire Food Bank

Our friend Melanie Gosselin from the NH Food Bank checked in with us this morning to talk about how next month is "Hunger Action Month."

Food Bank
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By the way, on Thursday, September 4th, Mark and I bring the 'Big Morning Broadcast' to the New Hampshire Food Bank's 'mothership' in Manchester.  Be listening for more details.


Sunny everywhere today with a high of 84...82 in the North Country.

Top News Stories

Evacuations And School Closings In Northern California
Schools near the Northern California town of Weaverville are closed today because of a fast-moving wildfire that threatens more than 600 homes, including 150 that have been evacuated. State fire spokesman Daniel Berlant says crews are struggling with efforts to contain the fire because of the steep terrain, plus gusty winds and dry conditions that were fueling the flames. Meanwhile, an initial assessment finds dozens of homes and buildings unsafe to occupy after a magnitude 6.0 earthquake near Napa, California. The buildings include a historic courthouse, where a 10-foot wide hole opened up. Officials are still adding up the damage to submit a cost estimate for possible federal assistance.

Foley's Life Celebrated In Rochester
A Roman Catholic bishop says slain U.S. journalist James Foley was living his faith by showing the world images of people affected by war. Bishop Peter Libasci spoke Sunday at a Mass of Remembrance in Foley's hometown of Rochester. The bishop says even after Foley was captured for the first time in Libya in 2011, "he went back again that we might open our eyes."

Missing Boater
A man boating with friends in the town of Franklin, Maine is missing and presumed drowned. The Maine Warden Service responded to Donnell Pond just after the man's friends called the sheriff's department at about 5:30 p.m. Sunday. Authorities say 33-year-old Ian MacDonnell, of Bar Harbor, went into the pond to retrieve a water bottle that had fallen over board. He had some difficulty getting back to the boat. His friends threw him a rope but he was unable to hold on and went under.

Stupid News

Becky Powell was in the passenger side of her husband's vehicle when she saw a man running from a police officer.  She told her husband to speed up and then she jumped out of the car and tackled the man to the ground.  Becky is a mother of five and grandmother of three!

Joke du Jour

Two goats found a film reel in a dump.  They unwound the film and then ate it all.  After they finished one goat said to the other:  "The movie was good, but I liked the book better!"

Coming Up Tuesday

We'll have more fun and prizes, plus, we'll tell you all about 'Dinner in the Dark,' a fundraiser for the New Hampshire Association for the Blind.

Impossible Question

credit getty images Jim Dyson

And...the answer is - websites!




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