No matter where you live in New England it feels like everyone complains about Massachusetts. Each state has their own reason, I suppose.

People in New Hampshire complain about all the liberals moving to the Granite State and changing the political climate. Mainers call everyone from Massachusetts a masshole. Even people from Massachusetts complain about their taxes. And everyone knows they're the WORST DRIVERS in the country. Or are they really?

No. No they are not the worst drivers in the country.

According to a study by WalletHub, Hawaii drivers hold that honor. But can you blame them? Hawaii is beautiful. Those people probably have a hard time not being distracted by all the natural beauty. I've never been...but I think you have to at least give them the benefit of the doubt.

So where does Massachusetts rank on the list of worst states to drive in? Well, the WalletHub report says they are worse than Vermont and Maine. But they're NOT as bad as New Hampshire drivers!

Vermont ranks 37th. Maine is right behind them at 39. Massachusetts drivers, while bad...aren't the worst drivers in New England. They rank 44th in the nation. Meanwhile, New Hampshire is 46th. In other words...the Granite State is the WORST driving state in all of New England!

I guess it's time to apologize to all of those masshole drivers.


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