This year, the holiday falls on a Thursday, and that isn't sitting well with thousands of people.

With many Trunk or Treats, and various other Halloween related activities scheduled the Saturday before Halloween, should the entire holiday be moved? You know, since Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November, could the final Saturday in October be Halloween?

One group is hoping so.

In search of a "safer, longer, and stress free celebration," the Halloween and Costume Association started a petition at asking President Trump to move the annual distribution of candy to the last Saturday in October. They started with a modest goal of around 2,500 signatures, and as of now, it's exploded to over 57,000. Goal raised, right? They are now aiming for 75,000 signatures, according to WGME CBS 13. 

They are thinking mainly of child safety, but let's be honest. Halloween is as much for adults as it is the children, and what's better? A Halloween party on Saturday night, or Thursday night?




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