Chris Stapleton blends country, soul and blues in his latest release, “It Takes a Woman.”

Stapleton penned the song with Jerry Salley and Ronnie Bowman, and the romantic ode finds Stapleton professing his unwavering love and gratitude for his wife Morgane.

“Whenever I'm broken / Honey, you heal me / When I'm in the dark / You are the light / When I get lost / You know right where to find me / When I have my doubts / You make me believe,” Stapleton emotes in the opening verse over brushed drums and gentle bass lines.

Morgane then arrives in the chorus with her signature spellbinding harmonies.

“It takes a woman / It takes a woman / A woman who sees / The best part of me / Through all that I am / It takes a woman / Oh, it takes a woman / To be all I can / To feel like a man / It takes a woman,” the couple soar in the heartfelt chorus.

Sonically, the pared-down approach Stapleton and co-producers Dave Cobb and Morgane opted for creates a spotlight for his raw, blues-tinged and soulful tenor to truly shine. The result is a tender love song that’ll hit home with anyone who feels a great deal of appreciation for their significant other.

“It Takes a Woman” appears on Stapleton’s forthcoming new album, Higher. Arriving Nov. 10, the 14-track collection is produced by Stapleton, Cobb and Morgane, and features its rock-tinged lead single, “White Horse,” as well as the previously released “Think I’m in Love With You.”

Most recently, Stapleton had to reschedule three of his upcoming shows due to a doctor's ordered vocal rest as he recovers from bronchitis and laryngitis.

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