You won't believe it, but here in Lewiston, Maine, I've been witnessing a huge gathering of black crows overhead every single night.

It's like an endless swarm that hovers above our neighborhood and throughout the city, and it's giving me major flashbacks to that eerie bird horror movie.

I am not the only one that has seen this creepy flock of birds either, according to WGME, Lewiston residents have noticed a lot of crows flooding the skies.

According to Lewiston's athletic director, dealing with the crazy amount of black crows has been a challenge and they have even had to treat the Franklin Athletic Complex field to attempt to repel the flock away.

Oh, let's not even dive into the morning serenades because this is not your typical bird song. It's more of an obnoxious, ear-piercing screech that starts the day.

So why does Lewiston seem to have such an influx of these unpleasant birdies?

What is happening?

According to Maine Audubon Staff Naturalist, Doug Hitchcox, this time of year we see large groups of "roosts" in the skies because it's close to winter.

Hopefully it's not a bad sign of our winter season to come.

According to Doug, it's could be that the crows may be talking to each other, in their own way and sticking together in a big group might be their way of ensuring safety.

Perhaps they're squawks are to guide each other to the best food spots?

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Either way, it's eerie and feels like a scene straight out of Stranger Things.

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