Let's be honest, we're creatures of habit. When you spend enough time around a certain group of people, you end up mirroring their mannerisms which quickly turn into habit. I'll disclaim, maybe not everybody does this, but the majority of my friends have shifted their mannerisms throughout the years.

Maine's mannerisms and catchphrases are easy for outsiders to pick up on. That's because we live like rednecks, and enjoy going "Up-ta-camp" and bragging about it. Out of my seven years living in this region and asking our listeners on air what they think, here are the top five habits you may fall into if you spend enough time in Maine.

1. You're going to end up saying "bub" at one point in your life. I can't explain what a bub is, but it's a Maine pet name.

2. You'll find yourself wanting to "go up north" for the weekend to get away from the city chaos. This is usually classified as "up-ta-camp", and I'm sure you'll end up falling in love with "camp" life as well.

3. The "suburbs" you thought you knew, you no longer think of as suburbs. Up north is now your new vision of the suburbs.

4. Hannaford grocery stores will now become your go-to. Maine's Hannaford is equivalent to Massachusetts' Market Basket. However, Westbrook did just build Maine's first-ever Market Basket, which is AMAZING.

5. You'll get used to being in almost every store (besides grocery stores), accompanied by someone else's dog. The best part about Maine, if you ask me, is how dog-friendly most storefronts are. Did you know that even T.J.Maxx, HomeGoods, Marshalls, and Sierra are dog-friendly?

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