Isn't it funny how if Dave Portnoy says the pizza is good, then we believe the man? The guy starts doing pizza reviews back in 2013, and from there, no pizza shop was ever the same. Especially not this one called Joanie's Pizza in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

He ranked their pizza at a whopping 8.4 out of 10, and also said some really bold words about the place that we know must have EASILY sold their business out for the next few weeks. According to, Joanie's is the perfect style pizza for him. He said that "This is spectacular. Right up my alley. Great Pizza." If you know Portnoy, you know that's a big deal.

Here's the full 'One Bite' review of Joanie's:

I'm assuming you clicked on this article because you're from or live in New England, so I'm curious – did you know that Portnoy finally visited Maine? He's never done a single pizza review in Maine OR New Hampshire until last summer, where he finally made the trip and just went wild. Mainers were wondering if he was ever going to leave the city, because it felt like every day we woke up and refreshed social media, a new pizza shop was posted from the Old Port.

Click here for the entire list. Scroll down for the entire list of shops and their rankings.

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