Ever wonder what it would be like to live in an expensive luxury mansion in Maine?

Or maybe you've got the big bucks and you simply need to figure out which of the swanky pieces of real estate you want to buy.

Well, we're gonna make it easy for you and show off the top 18 priciest homes in Maine as of July 2024.

According to Zillow, there are nearly 30 luxury homes for sale in Maine over the asking price of $5 million. And that's just what the places are asking for.

However, the real estate aggregation site lists only three properties in the eight-figure range. It looks like big spenders have a variety of great places to choose from.

So what is a luxury home?

Realtor.com notes that it's not just price (though, that is part of it) that determines if it's a luxury home but rather several factors from location to quality to amenities to privacy.

And when you look at these top 18 homes in Maine, you'll see exactly what makes each one special and high-value in their own right.

Looking for something away from everyone? What about a gorgeous ocean view? How about a ton of square footage?

Oh, these places have them. So let's take a look.

The 18 Most Expensive Homes in Maine in 2024

Maine has a lot to offer when it comes to properties. Take a look at the priciest homes in Maine as of July 2024.

Gallery Credit: Sean McKenna

Want to get a more in-depth look at the most expensive place in Maine?

Imagine Living in the Most Expensive Home For Sale in Maine

With ten bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and almost 11,000 square feet, 93 Cooksey in Seal Harbor has all the space you need and more. It's only going for $17 million.

Gallery Credit: Rob Riccitelli

If you could get a luxury home or are planning on getting one in Maine, where would you want to live and what amenities would you want? Can you imagine an oceanfront property with an infinity pool looking out on the water?

So many options. What to pick. What to pick.

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