Kennebunk is beautiful all year round. But if you're a winter season baby and prefer snow activities over summer activities, this is the town you need to visit this Christmas season.

It makes sense why HGTV listed Kennebunkport, Maine, as the second top Christmas town in America.

If you haven't been to this cute little town, let me explain one of their most famous holiday traditions that has tourists from all over the world coming to town.

Kennebunk's 42nd Annual Christmas Prelude

Let's start here. From November 30 through December 10, the town puts on tons of Christmas-themed activities for you and the family. These activities could be anything from watching Santa float into the harbor on a lobster boat to decorating Christmas trees for a charity cause.

Check out the full schedule of events here.

You will honestly be taken aback by how traditional and classy this town decorates for the holidays, especially when it snows (great Instagram photo op; I'm sorry, I had to say it).

If you want a little personal insight so you know it's real, one of my favorite restaurants downtown is called Alisson's Restaurant. Not only because it looks so warm and cozy, but because they come out with really great Christmas-style cocktails, and I'm unsure how much more a group of girls could ask for.

Anyways, I'm obsessed with this town in both the summer and the winter, and now you've got your next family destination to visit, if you've never been!

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