Vassalboro, Maine, Fire Department

The big headline most recently coming out of Vassalboro, Maine, is actually a pretty weird, out-of-the-ordinary one, and indirectly involves the Vassalboro Fire Department.

According to WGME, police are searching for a random culprit or group of culprits who cut off and made away with the top of a tree located directly next to the fire department.

Google Maps
Google Maps

WGME reports that the tree actually holds special meaning, as it was donated and planted years ago by a 43-year volunteer of the Vassalboro Fire Department, Tom Richards, and his wife.

At the time of this writing, it's still unknown who cut the top of the tree off or why, but anyone with information is encouraged to reach out to Deputy Curtis at 207-624-7076.

Quite honestly, though, this is very much similar to a scene in a 2006 Christmas movie starring Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito.

20th Century Fox Premiere of "Deck The Halls" - Arrivals
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Deck the Halls Movie

The basis of Deck the Halls is a war of neighbors, with Steve Finch (played by Matthew) being considered the "Mr. Christmas" of his town (ironically set in Massachusetts) and Buddy Hall (played by Danny) wanting his house to be lit so bright with lights that it can be seen from space.

Along the way during the movie, though, there is a scene where Buddy "gifts" Steve with a brand new car from the dealership he works at, as well as a Christmas tree after an incident at a Christmas tree farm left Steve's family without a decent one.

Channel Awesome via YouTube
Channel Awesome via YouTube

What Steve doesn't realize, though, is the gifted tree was actually the town's tree, which Buddy cut in the middle of the night and placed in Steve's living room.

Sound familiar? Perhaps the top of the Vassalboro Fire Department tree is currently sitting in a stand in a Vassalboro resident or a nearby Maine town/city resident's living room...

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