The Goat is now open in Newburyport, Massachusetts

My sister and I were recently out for a walk in Newburyport, since her house is very close to downtown. We saw some people in the parking lot of the newly-redesigned, highly-anticipated restaurant, The Goat.  We've seen it being built for so long now.  We stopped to ask when it was opening, and they told us that they opened the night before, which would have been April 5, 2024.  We went in for breakfast at a table right on the water, because why not eat and drink rather than getting some steps in?  We both said, at almost the same time, that this place is going to be hoppin' in the summer.  The building was designed for a party, with a wrap-around deck right on the water.

The Fleury Group Owns Many Restaurants in New Hampshire

The Fleury group has many other restaurants under their management, including Wally's in Hampton, Bernie's Beach Bar in Hampton, and The Green Room in Hampton and Portsmouth.  This is the The Goat's fourth location.  The others are in Portsmouth, Hampton, and Manchester, so by now, they know what they're doing.

The Goat is Looking for Help

The new location is located at 54 Merrimac Street in Newburyport, MA.  Their hours are Monday through Friday, 4pm - 1am.  Saturday and Sunday, 8am - 1am. And they are looking for help.  Restaurant workers are like a family.  If you're in it, you know.  You look after each other.  I'm sure the Goat will be no exception, and maybe there is staff from other locations that will relocate.  Why wouldn't you?  This place is directly on the water in a beautiful Massachusetts town.

I can speak for the Sunday brunch: it was delicious.  We may have taken advantage of the $5 bloody Mary a couple times.

Have you ever been to The Goat?

Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media
Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media

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