Former President Donald Trump went on a verbal attack after beating Nikki Haley in the Republican presidential primary Tuesday, while President Joe Biden's write-in campaign topped Democratic challengers.

Results tallied by The Associated Press gave Trump 55% of the vote while Haley got 43%. Despite his name not being on the ballot, Biden won the Democratic primary with 51% of the vote to Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minnesota)'s 20% and Marianne Williamson at 5%.

Trump slammed Haley during his victory speech Tuesday night, and later on his Truth social media platform. He continued to claim the 2020 presidential election was stolen and blamed Governor Chris Sununu for allowing Democrats to vote in the Republican primary.

“Let's not have someone take a victory when she had a very bad night,” Trump said, as former primary opponents Sen. Tim Scott and Vivek Ramaswamy stood behind him at the podium. “Just a little note to Nikki: She’s not going to win. But if she did, she would be under investigation by those people in 15 minutes, and I could tell you five reasons why already.”

Haley said she is staying in the race, which she called far from over.

"At one point in this campaign, there were fourteen of us running, and we were at two percent in the polls. Well, I’m a fighter. Now, we’re the last one standing next to Donald Trump, and today we got close to half of the vote. We still have a ways to go, but we keep moving up," Haley said.

She acknowledged serving in the Trump administration as UN Ambassador and sharing many of his views. But she also hit back with comments about his mental capacity when he confused her with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and called for mental competency tests for politicians over the age of 75.

“Trump claims he’d do better than me in one of those tests. Maybe he would. Maybe he wouldn’t. But if he thinks that, then he should have no problem standing on a debate stage with me," Haley told her supporters.

Sununu, who endorsed Haley and campaigned for her in both Iowa and New Hampshire, offered more support on his personal X account.

"Nikki Haley turned the narrative of the national media on its head and proved this is indeed a two-person race. And tonight, Granite State voters put wind in her sails as she heads off to her sweet home state of South Carolina," Sununu wrote.

Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy spoke on behalf of the group that organized Biden's write-in campaign.

“We showed that New Hampshire believes in the future of our democracy and the sanctity of our elections. We showed that an insurrectionist should never be elected to the White House. And we delivered President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s first victory of the 2024 election.”

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