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The Good Stuff: Being in middle school is hard! All you want to do is fit in and be accepted by your peers, and sometimes that is easier said than done! A kid named Brody from Colorado was having a tough time when a bunch of his classmates refused to sign his yearbook at the end of the school year (middle schoolers can be so mean). A fellow classmate caught wind of this and rallied up a group of students (even some high schoolers) to track down Brody and fill his year book with messages of encouragement. How sweet is that?

Famous People 411: Dan and Shay wrote a song all about Kenny Chesney and OF COURSE it is really catchy and adorable. Blake Shelton helped design the Indy 500 helmet.

Worst Summer Jobs: 'tis the season for Summer jobs! Summer jobs can be sweaty and unglamorous, but they build character! My worst summer job was working at a nursery (the kind for plants, not babies). It was on a farm, and we each had to take turns shoveling out the cow and donkey doodie. It was most unpleasant, but I think I am a heartier woman as a result.

Wedding Traditions That Should Go Away: The garter toss, the bouquet toss, the cake smooshing, it's all a little passé (according to our listeners).

Favorite Call: Jesse "from the road" said she doesn't understand why there needs to be sad or solemn music playing while the bride walks down the aisle. Why doesn't she dance down the aisle to some hype pump-up music? I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!

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