Expect to see a whole lot more of LeAnn Rimes, as her reality show with husband Eddie Cibrian is soon to premiere.

'LeAnn & Eddie' debuts Thursday (July 17) on VH1. A reality show is something Cibirian and Rimes explain that they've always wanted, it just had to be the right fit.

"Trust me, we've been approached many many times over the years," Rimes tells Yahoo. "They wanted to do more of a docu-follow kind of series, [but] we didn't want to let people in like that ... it can be very exploitive and we already have enough of that going on."

"It's been over five years now since all the craziness started," she says, referring to her previous marriage and divorce, as well as Cibrian's, "and I think it's been enough time that we can laugh at it, and we hope people will laugh with us. The situation wasn't laughable at all, but now all of the craziness, having a blended family -- we go through all the same stuff every blended family goes through. It's just magnified."

When Cibrian and Rimes first gained interest in one another, both were married. Since getting married to each other, the controversy has continued -- especially with Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi Glanville (star of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills').

Naturally, this controversy has lent itself to plenty of headlines over the years. The very first episode of 'LeAnn & Eddie' will address all of the drama surrounding Glanville, including a tabloid cover story that insisted Cibrian and Rimes were heading for a divorce of epic proportions.

"I know [Brandi] commented on that when it came out," Rimes says. "It was in the article that Eddie has to text her when I'm crazy just for moral support -- he makes the joke [about texting her during the first episode]. That's how we are with each other, especially with that situation. It's so difficult at times, [but] it's become a little bit easier."

The country star furthers, "I'm waiting for the arrows to start flying after the first episode ... but we don't say anything that isn't true."

Glanville and Cibrian have two kids together -- Mason, 11, and Jake, 7. Neither of the boys will appear on the show, nor do they appear on Glanville's reality series. According to Rimes, the fact that their parents are on TV isn't even a big deal.

Both she and Cibrian agree that their show is "family television," and they make sure to not saying anything to upset the kids while on TV. Above all else, the children come first.

"The kids are aware of what's going on, but they're also loved in both homes and I think that's all that matters," Rimes assures. "They're loved in both homes and they're happy in both homes. They obviously know it's difficult for us to get along, but we do in front of them. We're trying our best and I think that's all that we can do. We are cordial in front of the kids, it's something I hope -- you know, we do the best we can with having a blended family and the children come first."

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