Oops....you caught me!  I was hungry after my long, cold flight to and from the North Pole for my nightly report to Santa.This cabinet in the newsroom always contains some snacks and I was hoping for some peanut butter.  I heard the door open and saw Don Briand come in getting ready to prepare the news for The Morning Waking Crew with Mark and 2K...so I figure if I'm really still, he won't notice me.  Hopefully, he'll have to go make a cup of coffee, so I can hurry out of here.  Anyway....wish me luck, I don't want to get caught stealing the peanut butter! Is peanut butter on your Christmas wish list?  Do you like creamy or chunky? Ohhh...gotta go, I hear 2K walking down the hallway and if she catches me on her computer, the jig is up!

I'm hungry and need something to munch on