I love my Birdie.  I take it with me wherever I go.  It makes me feel that much safer, but not without a little caution.

My "She's Birdie" was a gift from my sister last year for Christmas.  She saw it on QVC and bought one for every female in the family.

Recently, I went to a mixer at a fancy bar in our neighborhood in Dover, New Hampshire.  It was a mixer for those who live in my apartment complex, like a "get to know your neighbor" gathering.  It was packed out.  People do go out if there's free wine involved.

Maybe I should explain what a "Birdie" is.  A Birdie is one of those devices you clip onto your bag, and should anyone try to attack or come after you, just pull the device. It comes apart into pieces and immediately emits a very loud, shrill, and annoying sound to scare the perpetrator away or alert someone nearby that you need help.

It's a great holiday gift, by the way, for the women in your life.

She's Birdie via Facebook
She's Birdie via Facebook

During this mixer, I was attempting to grab my phone in my purse, but my bag flipped upside down and landed on the floor with all of the contents scattered.  Worst of all, the force to the ground pull apart my Birdie, and a very loud beeping (like a shrill bird) filled the room.

The dismantled Birdie was so loud, the room became very quiet.  Someone yelled "Turn that thing off!" from the bar, and my friend shouted, "She's trying", as I was crawling on the floor, gathering my stuff, and attempting to put the Birdie back together so the noise would stop.

It was very embarrassing, but after what seemed like five minutes (but in reality was only about 30 seconds), I found the two Birdie parts and slammed them back together to get the high-pitched sound to stop.  It did, and as I stood up to face the crowd, I quipped, "Well at least we know it works"!

Everyone had a chuckle and went back to their conversations and libations, but I was mortified and probably won't be going to another mixer any time soon.  I might go back to the bar though.  The drinks were delicious.

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