Driving while intoxicated is dumb. But you HAVE to be drunk to think this plan would work. There's a guy in Belfast, ME who was driving drunk last weekend when he crashed his car in a ditch. According to WGME-TV in Portland, when the police showed up, he didn't want to take a breathalyzer...so he went all Fight Club, and punched HIMSELF in the face three times!

WGME 13 Facebook page
Waldo County Jail via WGME 13 Facebook page

As stupid as that plan sounds...it worked...for a minute. WGME says, officers didn't give him a breathalyzer because they had to help him with his injuries. But unfortunately for this guy, he still got slapped for operating under the influence. And he got extra charges for falsifying evidence and criminal mischief for punching himself in the face.

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