Dear Neighbors,

Let me preface this whole letter by saying I love my neighbors, I love my neighborhood, and no one is perfect.

But that said, when it comes to my dog, I get primal as hell. Because that's my little dude. That's my little buddy. Call me a wannabe parent that hasn't made a human child yet so I'm living my best dad life through having a pet child -- that's fine, I probably won't argue with you.

But mess with my dog, and I could snap.

This is my dog Remy, and 23 hours and 59 minutes out of every single day, this is basically his whole demeanor:

He's calm. Lowkey. A wicked good, happy pup. The only reason I said 23 hours and 59 minutes instead of 24 hours is because for a collective 60 seconds each day, he barks at neighbors or other dogs he can see. Because that's what dogs do. And it's not an aggressive thing, it's very defensive.

But all that said, whichever neighbor decided to pull this move on Friday night, you took that good, happy pup and filled him with anxiety and fear. To the point that he was not only shaking an extreme amount but also cowering behind the couch.

All because you decided to selfishly (and without warning) be "that neighbor" that was all "Eh, the rules don't apply to me, I'm going to light off fireworks three days after the 4th of July because 'MURICA!" Which led to me feeling the need to post this:

And the irony to all this? I love fireworks. I have since I was a kid. But I also equally hate them now because I know as soon as they go off, Remy begins shaking uncontrollably and breathing heavily. To the point that I get worried he'll literally scare himself to death.

Thankfully, in this case, I popped the AC on and jacked up the volume on the TV and he ended up calming down pretty quickly and was fine for the rest of the night. And I know based on responses to my above tweet that there are anxiety meds you can give dogs. But it's the principle.


You want to avoid being that dink neighbor? At least give a heads up that you may be shooting them off so your neighbors can prep for them. Whether it's nervous pets or babies trying to sleep, just shooting them off randomly is just such a scumbag move.

Or, you can always take the tip from the highway sign message posted this past weekend on Route 128 in Massachusetts:

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