I have officially been a resident of New Hampshire for a year! Being a resident of the Granite State has been amazing, I only wish I had made the move sooner!

Since my parents are retired, they have slowly embraced that snow bird life. They decided they are to pretty to deal with New England Winters so when that first flake falls they are out like trout! Off to Florida for five months. And since it's nice to spend some time with my parentals and get out of the Winter cold, Steven and I usually fly down to Florida once a year for a visit. We flew out of Logan last time and I couldn't help but ask myself "Why are we doing this?" Traffic is a hot mess. Parking is astronomical. It's not worth it! THANKFULLY pretty soon we will have an easier and more affordable option.

Yesterday Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Major Air Service made a major announcement.

Starting October 7th, 2021, they will be offering nonstop flights to Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Orlando & Tampa via Spirit Airlines.

Elena Elisseeva
Elena Elisseeva


Governor Chris Sununu said:

“The residents of New Hampshire have been patiently waiting for a new airline, and we’re excited to announce that Spirit Airlines is coming to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. Now’s our time to take advantage of these new routes and low fares and keep New Hampshire dollars in New Hampshire. We look forward to a successful launch and seeing Spirit grow their options from MHT in the future. So shop local—and fly local from MHT!”

#shoplocal #flylocal #flyfreeordie (that last hashtag really doesn't work. please disregard)

Will you be taking advantage of these new travel options?

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