I probably shouldn't say this... But the Ad Council is lame.These are the folks that churn out dozens of Public Service Announcements each year, many funded by the government, for use on both radio and TV. You probably only know them because their TV PSA's are usually the last thing played during a break, which means you probably see their name on the screen as you wind your DVR down from fast-forwarding through the commercials.

Their mission is a noble one, and every now and again they come up with a winner. Remember this guy?

The Native American is Iron Eyes Cody and the voice-over artist (that's what announcers are called these days) is William Conrad who played "Cannon" on an old CBS detective show. But for every home run the Ad Council hits, there are 30-40 ads (both radio and TV) that are at best boring, and at worst cringe-worthy when you think of the money that went into them.

Now, let's look at drunk-driving. It's bad and you should never, ever do it. The Ad Council has tackled this subject over the years. While their efforts are admirable, they are hardly memorable.

Here's the bottom line... Whether you've ever thought about it or not, each year at Superbowl time, when the subject of the commercials comes up you automatically wonder what those guys at Budweiser are going to do this year. You try to figure out how they can be so darn clever and how the heck to you get a Clydesdale to act?

So it should come as no surprise that when these folks decided to put their talents into a PSA about drunk-driving, they came up with one that actually makes you think.

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