Imagine being sick in the hospital and you cannot have your family members visit during your darkest hour. That is what hundreds of thousands of patients are experiencing due to the no visitor policy at hospitals due to the coronavirus are experiencing. According to, one Massachusetts nurse decided there must be a way to help those patients. While we understand that a no-visitor policy helps stop the spread of the disease, it doesn’t make it any easier for those in the hospital.

Jenna Barbieri is a nurse at Lowell General Hospital in Massachusetts who has been printing family photos for patients so even if they can’t see their families in person, they can see their smiling faces and feel connected.

According to Jenna Barbieri told the “Fox and & Friends Weekend” show that she came up with the idea after being the last face one of her critically ill patients saw before dying, “I was the last one to spend time with her and, while that’s a truth that many of us are facing all over the country in every hospital, it just really touched me and I was feeling the weight of the situation.”

Barbieri has been printing out photos for patients and putting them in clear envelopes to bring a little comfort to those that are so ill. A simple human connection can make all the difference.


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