One of the many unsung heroes of this pandemic crisis is John Hartz, a UPS delivery man that is the regular driver for Exeter. has a wonderful article written by Lara Bricker about her favorite UPS driver, John Hartz. We see stories in the news every day now about how hard the doctors and nurses and the medical community as a whole is struggling. We see stories every night about their bravery in this time of crisis for our country and I don’t think there is a person in this country that doesn’t recognize the contributions they are making. Lara Bricker took this opportunity to share with the readers about another essential worker.

John Hartz has been driving his big brown UPS van to the residents of Exeter for some time. He always waves hello and smiles. Lara Bricker took a photo of John and shared it on Facebook where the “Likes” and stories about her UPS man continue to climb. One resident related a story that when she was on crutches, John Hartz delivered her packages directly up to her apartment unit. He would often give treats to her dog.

It seems that a smile and simple acts of kindness are being appreciated more at this time. For those that are following the stay at home order, John’s face may be the only one they see. He may be delivering vital packages but it’s the smile that he delivers that has made a difference to the residents of Exeter. I was so touched about the story by Lara Bricker that I just had to share the news.


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