Tom Brady made a cameo appearance in the Netflix show “Living With Yourself” recently, and is reporting that Tom Brady may have been trying to explain the cameo in some recent interviews.

In the show “Living With Yourself,” Paul Rudd plays a character named Miles who wants a better life.  He decides to go to the “Top Happy Spa” in a strip mall and fork out $50,000 to become a better version of himself.

Timothy Greenberg, the creator of the show, said that the Tom Brady cameo was written  4 years ago.  Long before the spa scandal involving Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

So, my question was is Tom Brady trolling or just tone deaf?

It appears from the article that the answer to that question is – tone-deaf.  Brady can’t see that anyone could misinterpret him walking out of the spa as the best version of himself on a television program and confuse it with the owner of the Patriots spa scandal.

The article quotes Brady “I think there’s a lot of things that are taken out of context, that you choose to make a headline of as opposed to understanding what it’s about.”

Show creator Timothy Greenberg says it was filmed post-Robert Kraft spa scandal and he was kind of shocked that Brady went through with it but there it is.

It appears Brady meant no disrespect.

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