Who doesn't love a good TV game show? From Jeopardy! to The Price Is Right, TV game shows are some of the most classic programming.

One of my personal favorites has always been Wheel of Fortune, the fourth longest-running game show in TV game show history.

According to a Screen Rant article:

co-hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White hold the record for longest-running television show hosts of all time, game show or not, at 39 years....Wheel Of Fortune currently sits at over 7,000 episodes and counting which is the most episodes any game show has ever seen. The show debuted in 1975, but it really took off in 1982 when Sajak and White joined the team.

A New England man was recently on Wheel of Fortune on December 5, 2023.

Mike Buddimer from Salisbury, Massachusetts, was one of the contestants on the show and he made New England very proud.

Mike went all the way to the final round of Wheel of Fortune on Tuesday. His winnings accumulated to $24,567, but that was not all.

Mike also received a trip to Disney World.

Below is the final round of Mike's Wheel of Fortune debut.

The final round only had SP_ _ _ _  _ L _ _ER.

He was so close as he got the last word, blazer. The first word was incredibly tricky. It was "spiffy."

He would have had an additional $40,000 if he had guessed that correctly.

But for a local guy from our neck of the woods to go home with over $24,000 and a trip to Disney World is a huge success.

Congrats Mike!

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