The holidays are approaching and with so many people in need, it’s hard to know what or where to donate to.

A Hampton man has the answer.

Jeremiah Pasternak wants to put as many shoes on kids’ feet as he can. This is an annual tradition for Pasternak that began a few years ago and has quickly grown.

According to Seacoast Online, Pasternak, the owner of Pasternak Antiques on Lafayette Road, is usually on a beach somewhere this time of year. Cape Coral in Florida has been the home to his annual sneaker giveaway, but he decided to change it up this year.

Pasternak purchases about 100 pairs of new shoes at the beginning of the month to make sure there’s plenty of time to get the sneakers in the right hands, the news site reported. And he needs your help.

Pasternak told Seacoast Online that he encourages anyone that knows of a kid struggling this holiday season to contact him. In previous years, he has given out the shoes to schools and foster homes but this year he says he’s struggling to connect with people in need.

If you know of someone who could use a new pair of sneakers this holiday season, Pasternak is asking you to contact him at

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