Brayden Harrington, who is only 13 has come a long way since he first met Joe Biden at a campaign appearance in Concord, New Hampshire according to  Braden met the President at the campaign event and shared that they were members of the “same club,” per  That club would be those that work to overcome a stutter. Biden has never been shy about speaking about his struggles to overcome his stutter and often tells stories about being teased in his childhood for it.

He has gone above and beyond to reach out to help and inspire those who work hard to overcome their own speech impediments.  He took Brayden’s contact information and made some calls of encouragement and offered some tips that helped him to overcome the stutter.  At the time Brayden was amazed that such a powerful person would reach out just to help him, and Joe Biden told Brayden “Don’t let it define you, you are smart as hell.”  Those words made a huge impact on Brayden’s life.


Brayden was invited to speak at the Democratic Convention and really touched our hearts.  I was thrilled to see that he was invited to speak at the inauguration celebration.  Brayden read a part of JFK’s inaugural speech and did an excellent job.  It was so moving.  According to Brayden says, “I’m just a regular kid, and in a short amount of time, Joe Biden made me more confident about something that’s bothered me my whole life.” Brayden has big plans for the future which include the release of a middle-grade novel titled “Brayden Speaks Up.”  The book will be released sometime in 2022.  Congratulations to Brayden Harrington for making New Hampshire Proud!




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