As I get older, I have been gaining a deeper appreciation for history. In fully understanding different time periods and where we came from, we can better appreciate what we have now. Whether it is knowledge, opportunities, technology, architecture, etc! Living in Northern New England, history is all around us. We are lucky to live in a part of the country that preserves certain parts of history so we can learn from it.

According to, four very historic homes have been rebranded as a luxury village resort in Kennebunkport, Maine. It sounds unbelievably cool! The site states that in the 1700s. the homes each belonged to the daughters and son-in-laws of a very successful sea Captain named Captain Daniel Walker. Hence why the resort has been dubbed the "Kennebunkport Captains Collection". The homes continued to be owned by various seafaring families over the past few hundred years. They have since been preserved to create a very unique, luxurious experience for tourists and Mainers alike!

The article explains that though each house is very different in it's aesthetic and atmosphere, the properties are united by many shared amenities. These include a grand drawing room, library, dining room, fully-stocked guest pantries, expansive gardens and more! The resort also offers complimentary bicycles which would be awesome to explore downtown Kennebunkport.

There is something so cool about staying in a place that is over 300 years old! (but still has all of the modern comforts of home, AND MORE) Learn more about the resort at the Kennebunkport Captains Collection website.

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