There's a new song off of Kenny Chesney's "The Big Revival" cd and the tune puts a bright sunny spin on your standard country heartbreaker.

"Save It For a Rainy Day" is the fourth single off of the album which has already had huge hits with "American Kids" "'Til It's Gone", and "Wild Child". The song starts out with Kenny realizing that his love has left, but he's okay with that because the sun is shining and the boat is in the water.

'Cause the sun's too bright,
The sky's too blue
Beer's too cold to be thinking about you
Gonna take this heartbreak and tuck it away
Save it for a rainy day

Yeah, the music's too good,
My friends are all out
And they're all too high to be bringing 'em down
If they ask about you
I've got nothing to say
I'll save it for a rainy day

Listen for "Save It For a Rainy Day" on WOKQ. Kenny brings "The Big Revival" to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro on August 28th and 29th.