Do you remember when you were 17-years-old? I do. I was cruising around town in my Chevy Berretta that had a blue wave decal on the side, which I affectionately referred to as the "pimp splash". Weird, I know. The moral of the story is I thought I was AWESOME, the bees knees! And I supposed I was in my own right. But up and coming country artist, Callista Clark, it 17-years-old, is doing AMAZING things. She has already performed on the Grand 'Ole Opry stage and has a hit song on country radio!

This Zebulon, Georgia, native draws from her country roots when writing songs that are empowering, vulnerable, raw, and relatable! We are so excited to have Callista grace our WOKQ Sessions stage this week. I have a feeling I am going to be bragging about this one in a few years when Callista is as famous as Taylor Swift and I can say "I knew her when".

You never know who is going to grace our #WOKQsessions stage! In the past we have welcomed artists like Lo Cash, Tenille Arts, Dylan Scott, Runaway June just to name a few. It is a real treat to see these artists perform in such an intimate space. Our listeners get to ask the artists questions, take photos with them, and when they leave we all feel like best friends! It is thrilling to follow these artists' careers and watch them take off. If you didn't win your way into this one, keep your eye on our schedule for upcoming sessions, brought to you by Newburyport Bank.

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