Live free and swim! A woman recently wanted to cool off in a pond that had a sign which read no swimming, and she decided to do it anyway.

According to the Conway Daily Sun, selectmen are backing Jessica Williams's plan in hopes of getting New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game to allow swimming and wading at Connor Pond's boat launch since gas motor boats aren't allowed there.

On a scorching July 1st, Williams disregarded the sign, and a woman called Fish and Game on her, which wasn't the first time. Williams told the Daily Sun she waited for the conservation officers to arrive. "A very nice officer showed up," said Williams. "Also the camera crew for 'North Woods Law' showed up."

She said the Fish and Game officer told her she needed to have a boat to enter the water. "I asked him to define 'boat.'" "He could not answer me. He told me I was not allowed to swim there, and I asked him to define 'swimming.'" "He let me know I'm allowed to enter the water with a boat, immediately exit my boat and swim all I want," said Williams. "As long as you are holding a boat when you enter the water, you are fine."

Fish and Game Col. Kevin Jordan told the Sun it's a dangerous situation for people to swim at the launches even if the boats don't have gas motors. He gave the example of a car with a kayak or canoe on top could still hit a child who is playing near the launch.

Williams told the Daily Sun she is organizing a "boating” event at the pond to educate people about their rights to water access. The date is still TBA.


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