Do you remember when you absolutely did not leave home without a bunch of nickels, dimes and quarters in your pocket just in case you needed to make a call from a pay phone or phone booth?

Young people today never had the chance to experience the stress of trying to get in everything you needed to say within the three minutes you were allowed before having to dig deeper to get more change for an additional three minutes of conversation with your parents or friends and then hoping against hope that the change would somehow, magically come back to you in the coin return! If you were lucky enough to find a dime or quarter in the coin return, it was like you hit the lottery!

Do you know of any places in New Hampshire, Maine, etc that still have payphones that people use? I'd love to hear where they are.

Credit Karen Kiley
Credit Karen Kiley

Pay phones and/or phone booths are pretty hard to come by nowadays. The Pelham, New Hampshire Police Department got in on the fun via their Facebook page recently.

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