Nine West via Facebook
Nine West via Facebook

I have ALWAYS loved Nine West shoes. They fit me so well and have so many stylish varieties. Their brand is always available at TJ Maxx or Marshall's and those are my go-to stores!

Forbes calls it another casualty of "Retailmageddon". They have fallen into the same demise as Toys R Us, Claire's and the countless other retail chains that have had to throw in the towel. Store traffic has declined significantly due to online shopping (Thanks, Amazon! No but really, thank you Amazon you are wonderful).

Yet another retail chain biting the dust leads us to the question we have been asking for awhile. Are shopping malls eventually going to cease to exist and online shopping will be the only option?

I don't have the analytical tools to answer that question. However, let's talk about the "going out of business sales" that are going to happen at Nine West over these next few weeks. Here are the closest Nine West Outlets to us:

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