Picture from Andrew Drummond's Youtube
Picture from Andrew Drummond's Youtube

If you want to see one of nature’s finest displays, check out the Tuckerman Ravine on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire according to snowbrains.com. The closest town is North Conway and it’s a great jumping-off point to start your Mt. Washington adventure for hikers and skiers alike. Be warned, this is for experienced trekkers only. Few are prepared for Mt. Washington’s toughest and deadliest hiking trail. People often run into trouble in the summer months on this trail so only the experienced should even attempt it. But the view is worth the training and practice you must put into such an adventure.
Snowbrains.com reports that 15 percent of the hikers and skiers who have died in the White Mountains have perished in the Tuckerman Ravine. The best time to plan a hike is in April, May or June. But again, a warning. This is not for beginners. Too many people get distracted by the stunning scenery and wind up unprepared for the hike that lies ahead.

Important to remember is that Tuckerman Ravine is so remote emergency rescue services are very difficult to operate in the area. To tackle this hike, and run into trouble, puts the lives of emergency service personnel at risk. So enjoy the pictures, train and educate yourself before heading out late Spring to admire the beauty when the snow is more stable. Happy Winter!

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