No need to go to Iceland to enjoy frozen fun. You can check out the new “Frozen II” at your local theater but if you just can’t let it go, head over to Ice Castles at the icy wonderland in North Woodstock, NH. There are ice sculptures, icicles lit up with LED lights, frozen thrones and more. The ice tunnels make for the perfect Instagram photoshoot. The Boston Globe reports that it thrills toddlers and adults alike to see a set right out of your favorite Disney movie. “It looks just like ‘Frozen’!” cries, one such toddler.

Taking nearly 20 million pounds of ice, it’s a bit slippery so take your spikes with you and hang on to the kiddos. Ice Castles is located at 24 Clark Farm Road, North Woodstock, NH, and admission is $16.99 for adults and Mon-Thurs and $20.99 Fri and Sat. They are open noon – 10:30 pm weather permitting. According to the Boston globe, they usually stay open until March. There are plenty of other options as well, take a look here(Boston Globe)

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