Well, when we hear about a good thing there is always someone wanting to take it away.

I recently did a story about the Ri Ra Irish Pub that has an exclusive menu just for our four-legged companions.  The dogs who go to Ri Ra for the menu the eatery offers on its outdoor dining area are sure to be crestfallen about this latest news.

Seacoastonline reports that having dogs other than service animals in restaurants is a violation of FDA code which states have adopted.

Ri Ra has been very open about their special doggie dining menu and, of course, someone filed a complaint with the city’s Health Department about them.

All hope is not lost.  A variance can be applied for.

Portsmouth is among the towns that have such a variance, but Portsmouth is in the minority of towns that are self-inspecting and offer such a waiver, according to the article. As you can imagine, applying for a variance can take time, and money, with no guarantee of the outcome.

Seacoastonline states that having dogs on decks in restaurants is a hotly divisive issue.  People are either passionate about dining with man’s best friend or they absolutely do not want the dogs in their dining establishments.

Cisco Brewers at Pease International Tradeport started the variance process this week so I suppose we will see where the cities dog fight goes.

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