We've all had to deal with THAT neighbor at some point in life, haven't we? The one that complains about everything-- and just hates fun. These days, Portsmouth is seemingly being brought to its knees by THAT neighbor.

The latest victim? Families hoping to bring the kids out to see Brave and Braveheart tomorrow night at Prescott Park. Seriously. My guess is this is the same fool who wanted Shrek arrested and perhaps a crankypants-partner-in-crime with the person(s) whining about the Portsmouth Gas Light Company having live music (yes, the same venue that has had live music for more than a quarter of a century, including Taylor Swift in 2005). Did I mention those who tried to block the outdoor skating rink in Strawberry Banke?

While Portsmouth has no where to park and very few affordable restaurants these days, it still has a pretty great vibe. Strip that away due to the wealthy condo owners holed up in their Disney styled faux historic digs and, well, I guess you'll just have to visit Dover instead. It's kinda what Portsmouth was 15 years ago anyhow.

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