Typically, police officers rock a more clean cut appearance! Their faces are freshly shaven, their hair is high and tight! It is not very often you see an officer of the law rocking a more scruffy look. Well, the police department in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has been growing out their facial hair for a reason you might not suspect. No, they aren't feeling lazy. No, they are not all going to be Luke Combs for Halloween. And no, it is not due to sports superstition (but GO SOX!).

Their face fuzz is to raise money for an amazing campaign called "Beards for Bucks". According to a post on the  Portsmouth NH Police Department's Facebook page, throughout the month of October, officers are encouraged to grow beards and collect donations for the Child Advocacy Centers in their county. The CAC is something that law enforcement officers get to see first hand when investigating a serious crime against a child .The post goes on to explain that the CAC's mission is to provide all victims of child abuse in New Hampshire a neutral environment; an environment where justice, healing, equity and prevention are fostered through the consistent, high quality and sustaining collaboration of community partners.

So check out these bearded beauties and donate to this amazing cause! From left to right is Officer Max Webber, Officer James Caldwell, and Officer Tim Conroy. Officer Caldwell has raised over $3000 himself, and appears to be competing for the top fundraiser in the State. IMPRESSIVE!

Portsmouth NH Police Department via Facebook
Portsmouth NH Police Department via Facebook

At the time of writing this article, Officer Caldwell is just a few hundred dollars shy of his $4,000 goal! Let's help him reach it! Learn more here.

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