Let's face it, sometimes we don't take our parents advice and use the bathroom before we leave the house. Which means, every once in a while, we have to make a pit stop along our ride to work or while out doing weekend errands.

Well, research has been conducted and GasBuddy has come up with the 'Best Gas Station Restrooms in Every State.'

Feel free to peruse the entire list on GasBuddy, but for us northern New Englanders, here is what they found in our beautiful neck of the woods:

For both New Hamsphire and Maine, Irving Stations came out on top as having the best/cleanest restrooms, while Cumberland Farms got the nod in Massachusetts (as a matter of fact, for the remainder of southern New England GasBuddy ranked Cumberland Farms as no. 1). Mobil took the top spot in the state of Vermont.

If you are travelling across the country, know that QuikTrip stations were the highest rated in the most states (7), while Buck-ee's had the highest-rated bathrooms.


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