It's a really good thing someone checked their vehicle before heading out.

Wednesday night, the police department in Rye, New Hampshire found themselves in a conundrum. According to a report on Seacoast Online, Police Chief Kevin Walsh said his department was called Wednesday at about 7 p.m. by someone reporting the baby raccoons inside a rear wheel well of a vehicle parked at the Dunes Motel at 2281 Ocean Blvd. across from Jenness Beach. After reporting to the scene, one of the officers snapped a pic while the babies peered out from behind a tire.

Since it was after hours, Rye's animal control officer was not on duty, according to the Chief. Instead, the officers used some of the animal officer’s cages to secure the racoons. Once captured, the baby animals were brought to the marsh behind the motel. There, they were freed.

The Chief told Seacoast, “If that’s what we get a crowd gathering for, that’s good.”


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