This heart-stopping video has gone viral and for good reason. A car comes very close to hitting a 7-year-old Gilford, New Hampshire boy as he crosses the street to get on his school bus.

It just goes to show you how aware you have to be when driving and when waiting on the side of the road. You never know what is going to happen.

The video, which was taken by the security system of the Cota-Robbles household shows two boys at the end of their driveway just getting ready to cross the street for the stopped school bus. Out of nowhere, you see a car whiz by and the boy jumps back avoiding being hit by the vehicle.

Police in Gilford are trying to track down the driver of the car seen on the video. No one was hurt and Cota-Robbles told WMUR that from now on, his children will wait a little further up in their drivway.

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