Well, my time here at WOKQ has come to a close.I would like to thank everyone at the station from the Morning Waking Crew, to Mark Jennings and Roy Sullivan and all the part-timers and weekend staff.  I may have made these last couple of weeks, a bit topsy-turvy, but really, that's what elves do!  I hope Santa, the reindeer and all my elf co-workers gave you everything you asked for.  Santa told me to wait at the 'Santa stop sign' and he would pick me up on his way back from overseas.  I sure hope he can see me!  I want to get back to the North Pole.  I hear Mrs. C has a ham dinner waiting for us.  I hope 2014 is a great year for you and hopefully, I'll get to come back for a visit next year!  Thanks so much for following my antics.  Until we meet again, this is "Tunes, the Elf" signing off!!!

Santa Bus Stop
Geez, I hope Santa can see me


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