The Friends pop up in Fenway is a pretty great time, especially if you are a super fan like myself. I went with my pal Linda, we have been friends since the 7th grade! She was the perfect person to nerd out and share this experience with.

We got to see original props used in some of my favorite episodes:
Ross's Hanukkah Armadillo costume

Phoebe's homemade doll house


Joey and Chandler's Foosball table

even Ross's "Science Boy" comic.


Phoebe stole it from Ross when she mugged him back in the day but she held on to it because she thought it was something special.

We also got to recreate some of our favorite scenes! Like the time Joey put on every item of Chandler's clothing to prove a point.

"Hi! I'm Kira. Could I BE wearing any more clothes?"

Or the one when the gang is moving a couch up the narrow stairway and Ross shouts "PIVOTTTT" repeatedly.

and of course we got to hang out at "Central Perk" where the crew spent 97% of their time. Why didn't they ever have to go to work yet they could afford those big Manhattan apartments? Eh, let's not ruin the best show ever by exposing plot holes.

I was getting real comfy on that orange couch and was disappointed when I had to leave it. I got a sweet taste of what it felt like to be a cast member and it felt so right.

If you are a Friends enthusiast, it's definitely worth a visit! But a word to the wise, don't buy anything from the gift shop. What a rip off! 70 dollars for a hoodie with the word "Friends" on it. Don't get me wrong, I wanted it. But I am going to check Amazon.

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