My favorite part about primary season is seeing reporters in fancy suits and blouses go on TV and say “Dixville Notch.” In fact, I was thinking of the Notch just recently, as I penetrated another humorously named township – the lovely Hampton Balls.

It’s unmistakable, the curl of the lip from even the most seasoned journalist. It’s just a funny name. “Dixville Notch” sounds like a club Yosemite Sam would’ve run in the infamous Combat Zone.

It never ceases to be funny seeing the graphic “THIS JUST IN FROM DIXVILLE NOTCH” and saying, “I bet it is!” After all, Dixville Notch sounds like an after-hours establishment at Plymouth Plantation.

Another fun go-to is hearing how Dixville Notch has a small population and saying, “What is it, 69?” And why not, as Dixville Notch sounds less like a town and more like a store that would open at Eaton Plaza in Seabrook (a.k.a., the real Mall of America)?

Truth is, Dixville Notch isn’t actually a town. It’s actually a section of Dixville, a township which sounds perhaps even more hilarious. According to the 2020 census, it is home to a foursome, specifically, the four people who live there.

It’s also close to Dixville Notch State Park in Colebrook, one of the Granite State’s most acclaimed destinations for a New England getaway (you can plan your visit by checking out its official site).

You might want to think about visiting next spring during the 2024 solar eclipse. That’s right, you can take in a moon from Dixville.

But if you think the funniest New Hampshire town (or township) name is Dixville, you’re selling us short.

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