When a business closes and the building is razed, what's with the desire to save the sign?

It just seems sort of silly to have a sign for a seafood restaurant whose run ended a dozen years ago standing in front of Five Guys. Now, don't get me wrong-- it's not like I'm recommending it be torn down at this point. It just seems odd that after the building itself was demolished we decided "no, the sign stays."


I'll grant that Yoken's sign is cooler than most, but does there come a time where maybe we just learn to let stuff go? The Benson's sign (as well as the short lived Playland incarnation it ended as) is gone. Week's Restaurant lives on as muddled intersection and an oddly placed plaque by Supercuts. Don't even get me started on pretending there is some historical relevance to rusted out old bridges...

Maybe we keep the iconic Yoken's sign as a nod to a time when signs had character, but let's be careful not to get carried away with roadside souvenirs. Sometimes its best to keep the memories but not the signs.