Allyson Gelinas had a bit of a problem happening at her Epsom, New Hampshire home. A pesky wild animal had taken up residence in her backyard and she needed it to skidaddle. She called up NH Fish and Game and they sent over a conservation officer to take care of the critter.

Allyson thought the officer looked familiar and inquired where she might have seen him before. As it turns out, they sent over Officer Geoff Pushee, star of "North Woods Law: New Hampshire". He, of course, posed for a photo opp with Allyson and her three adorable kidlets.

Once he was done at Casa de Gelinas, Officer Pushee was off to shoot a scene for the new season. Apparently, a bear was stuck in a tree in Manchester!

It was an exciting day at Allyson's house to say the very least. She especially loved meeting Officer Pushee because she had a short stint in reality TV herself! Back in 2003 she and her sister Lindsay were on a show called "Meet My Folks" on NBC.

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