It was just last week, we told you about the North Hampton restaurant that abruptly shut down, stunning their customers. Well, check this out:

Locals Restaurant and Pub,which opened their doors six years ago is back in business, thanks to some loyal customers. The restaurant, which is located on Lafayette Road (Route 1) in North Hampton re-opened this past Sunday, September 23rd, thanks, in part to bar patron, Craig Devino.

An article in Seacoast Online describes how Devino told Andy Miller, the owner of Locals that he and a few others would help pay off the bar's debt and buy in as partners!

According to the article, Devino says his goal for Locals is to maintain its current vibe but improve it by making it 'leaner, neater and crisper.' 

The core staff is still employed, however according to the outside sign, they are looking for help.

Credit Karen Kiley
Credit Karen Kiley

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