The owner of the Hampton Fudge Factory said the business was started in Wildwood, New Jersey by his mother.

'My mother started the recipe, but my brother and I perfected it!' That's what Hampton Fudge Factory owner, Ronnie Kami said when I asked how he learned to make the best tasting fudge that I've ever experienced in my life!

The Hampton Fudge Factory in its' first season, not only makes many flavors of their homemade fudge, but you can also get gourmet donuts, candy, taffy, handmade chocolates and a lot more!

The business is located on Ocean Blvd right at Hampton Beach. Next time you're in the area, check them out. Your sweet tooth will not be disappointed!

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Check out the photo gallery and see all the goodies for yourself!

Hampton Fudge Factory

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