I'm not sure if the beer is just that good, or everyone in New Hampshire just needed a drink in 2017. But Vinepair claims folks in the Granite State sucked back more beer than any other in the entire country!

New Hampshire drank 40.6 gallons of beer for every person. If you're bad at math...that equals right around 433 12-ounce cans or bottles of beer. That's more than eight beers a week. In short...that's a lot of brewskies!

Maine and Vermont were the only other New England states in the Top Ten. Main drank a measly 33.8 gallons per-capita. And Vermont...clearly a bunch of light weights...only downed 32.8 gallons per person. Massachusetts may have the Red Sox, The Patriots, The Celtics, and The Bruins...but evidently no one drinks beer when they watch sports in Boston.


I really can't brag that I helped take the top beer drinking honor for the state. I don't even like the stuff. But hey, I support those of you who do. So bottoms up New Hampshire.

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