This NFL offseason is gonna be very interesting, especially when it comes to "The Goat." So many questions?

So on Wednesday, Tom Brady put this on his Instagram:

Personally, I gotta give it to Brady, for a guy who wakes up on sheets and pillows that probably cost $100 thousand dollars, drives the coolest cars around like his Aston Martin DB11 $200K, a  Ferrari M458-T $230K, a Limited Edition "TB12" Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante $360K, A Rolls Royce Ghost $400K, A Buggatti Veyron Super Sport $1.7 Million, just to name a few. He still has that burning desire to play and the dedication and work that it takes to be a player in the NFL.

I'm going to disagree with Brady!! I don't believe he has anything to prove. Six Super Bowl Championships, enough said.

Why, is my question? It can't be the money? Ego? I think I got it.

Maybe he wants to pass Otto Graham from way back in the day. Graham has won the most championships as a QB with 7.

Okay, let's go back to the ego thing. Could it be that he wants to leave the Patriots and try to win somewhere else so he can prove that it was him and not Coach Belichick? Was it Belichick's system that made the team successful or is it Brady that made the team?

One more thing: Mr. Brady wants to get paid like he's the goat. He's nowhere close to some of the other quarterbacks in the league when it comes to salary.

Robert Kraft said the other day that he hopes Brady re-signs with the team. Mr. Kraft, the ball is in your court, whip out your checkbook and pay the man and then do your job and get Tom some better players.

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