At this point, last week's storm is a distant memory for many of us, since we have had a few days that have resembled spring-like weather since. However, much of New Hampshire was without power for several days, and these wounds are still pretty fresh.

A dear friend of mine in Raymond, New Hampshire, was without power for three days. We are hearty folks here in the Granite State, but nobody signed up for that. That is a long time to live without the modern comforts of home. Not everyone has friends they can stay with nearby or have the means to shack it up in a hotel/motel for a few days.

The true MVPs of the storm were the linemen and women who were away from their families and working around the clock to get power up and running.

Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery in Raymond commended these hardworking guys and gals by giving them free lunches.

Leave it to Chef Bobby Marcotte and the Tuckaway crew to do right by the community and give credit where credit is due.

Aside from having the most legendary steak tips on planet Earth, they are also just good people who take care of their own.

No wonder Guy Fieri likes it there so much!

It's moments like these that I feel so proud to live in this community and call it home.

Now let's hope Mother Nature is done with her winter shenanigans for the year. We will only allow spring-like weather from here on out.

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